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The Official Track:
Reveals accolades won in the academic world when I was an Organizational Behaviour don; success as an author & on the international speaking circuit; and as entrepreneur and founder of Life Wizards, an executive leadership development, consulting & coaching business operating across Europe & North America, with a client base second to none.

The Unofficial Track:
Shows I’m a real-life businesswoman and mother who last year negotiated a million pound deal in my nightdress while breastfeeding my seventh baby. Utterly committed to my own growth as an individual, I have attempted and endured [almost] every childcare arrangement known to womankind.

The Official Track:
Highlights why I need to wear a Wonder Woman outfit. My extraordinary success at seamlessly integrating being a business leader and prosperous entrepreneur with being a mother of seven children, as well as finding energy for an extreme Polar expedition inspires many to live life fully, no matter the obstacles.

The Unofficial Track:
Admits how I used the profit I earned from my modelling business, as a single mother of four sons, to help pay for my university costs. Being a hard worker all my life, I’ve naturally excelled at careers demanding discipline, self-sacrifice and total dedication. Yawn. Champagne is my weakness!