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I clearly see where our perspectives differ; at least linguistically.

My usage of the word *selfish* is derived from its most common definition, i.e., "Concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure at the expense of consideration for others".

I, like you, am a strong proponent of nurturing one's "true self". Sadly, women have been socialised to adopt selflessness as a virtue, which has not served them well.

I will most certainly ponder your question, "If I were self-centred, what would change in my life?". Perhaps the answers will surprise me.

Thank you!



Wonderful food for thought...

Is there not a danger however of taking this to an extreme & becoming narcisitic & so focussed on ones own agenda so completely then you become totally oblivious to those others around you too?

Your idea of Self-Centred reminds me very much of the Shakespearean quote about "To thine own self be true", but there is also a much darker quote that leaps to mind too from more recently "Do as thou wilt & that shalt be the whole of the law", Alister Crowley...

This second quote is a perversion of an old Wiccan creed - "Do as thou wilt but harm none". Personally, I find this second idea much more palatable, i.e. its OK and valid to put your own needs & wants first, as long as they dont harm others around you.

I'm not criticising your stance here by the way, infact as a life long perpetual self sacrificer, I applaud it. It just concerns me the consequences of passing through the realms of selfishness into self-centred, but then beyond into the realm of narcicism...

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